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Re: Disney's Dinosaur Trailer

Betty Cunningham wrote:'Tweren't me.

> Pat or Jim said:
> > Bats have much less massive wing muscles (relatively) than birds, and I
> > admit to assuming that pterosaurs did as well.  If pterosaurs had massive
> > wing muscles (again, not "flight" muscles) I'd be interested in knowing what
> > they were used for.> Pat
> Pterosaurs left full manus impressions of their 'hands'.  This means
> that the wrist is above the point of contact with the ground and this
> probably preserved flexibility of the wrist.> Betty

Yeah -- in the case of Qn, several feet above the ground contact.  I have a 
of a cast of Qn's MCIV with the wrist end near one end of an old oaken desk, and
the manus end near the other (and it was a Big desk).