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Re: Disney's Dinosaur Trailer

if you consider the spectacular deathstar-explosion of the dragon in
Dragonslayer, you'd realize it must have been filled entirely with
helium.  It probably was not as heavy as you are supposing.


Raymond Ancog wrote:
> >Dragonslayer had a lot less flapping.  An animal that big relies more on
> >soaring, banking, etc, to gain hieght than flapping to gain height-it
> >saves a LOT more energy.
> Ok, but I just find it hard to believe that there are thermals or updrafts
> strong enough to support the weight of an animal as large and as heavy as
> that dragon. Which leads me to ask this question: is the projected weight
> of _Quetzalcoatlus_ light enough to allow it to soar using thermals?

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