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Giant birds

My thanks to Drs. Ruhe and Headden for providing the elusive reference of the Cretaceous synsacrum. After some reading I wondered if Gargantuavis philoinos was the only large "bird" sensu strictu that has been described from the Mesozoic? Is there any evidence for others. Is it likely that Western Europe did not have an Avimimid or Ornithomimid fauna in the Cretaceous that allowed the large birds to occupy that niche normally taken by non-avian theropods.Another matter I would appreciate clarification is as to why the 'Struthioid' body plan was not explored before the Cretaceous where it was independently achieved by at least 3 lines.

On an unrelated issue has there been any follow up on the deinonychosaur like claw published by O.Rauhut from North Africa? Is it still considered to belong to a dein..saur or is it a fragment of a Rahonavis like bird.

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