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Re: Brachiosaurus and co.

This is interseting I did not know a Brachisoaurus head had been found in north America. Is there a article where I can raed about this/


One honest - to - goodness Brachiosaurus skull was found in the late 1880's in Garden Park,
Colorado, (Late Jurassic) and sent to Marsh. It was partially prepared, misidentified as
Camarasaurus, and forgotten. Several years ago, Jack McIntosh "discovered" it at the
Smithsonian, contacted Ken Carpenter, who had the skull prepared, molded and cast. The missing
pieces were fabricated, and a complete skull was constructed and is on display at the Denver
Museum of Natural History. It is clearly Brachiosaurus, although differing from B. brancai in
several details. Since very little postcranial material was recovered in the original
excavation, it cannot be linked directly to B. altithorax, although this is a distinct
possibility. The descriptive paper was published in 1998.

As for other "Brachiosaur - type" skull from North America, I have heard rumors of a partial
skull from the Morrison Fm of Texas. Field work in the Early Cretaceous of Utah by 4 or 5
different institutions is producing several new "Brachiosaurid/Titanosaur" skeletons.
Unfortunately, preparation is slow work. We will just have to wait a while for the descriptive
papers to come out.


Virginia Tidwell
Denver Museum of Natural History

On 11/05/99 17:07:02 you wrote:
>While on the topic of brachiosaurs, I have a question. There is a rumor
>that a _Brachiosaurus_ skull may actually have been found in North America,
>and it looks very different to the skull of the Tendaguru _Brachiosaurus_
>(B. brancai_). In fact (says the rumor) it's usually been assumed that this
>skull belongs to _Camarasaurus_, which it resembles very closely. Can
>anyone confirm? (And apologies if I'm blabbing something top-secret :-) )

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