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Re: Giant birds

>> Mmm, as much as I appreciate the title, I am not a
doctor of anything, though certainly somewhere down
the line I would like to be. But no insult, Ekaterina.


The "title issue" is only one of the many pitfalls of email.  For this
reason I have learned to only call people either by their complete names
with no titles, or by their adresses.  Let's not even get into the even
more terrible "gender issue". :)

>>  Do you mean "Dromaeosaurs"?<<
What?  you've never heard of a stromaeosaur?  You know, like a
dromaeosaur, but one key to the right?  :)

>> The holotype of *Gargantuavis* is a partial pelvis.<<
Oh!  So why do we think it is a (non-dinosaur) bird and not, say, a big
oviraptor?  What are the distinguishing bird fetures one could find on a