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Re: Earliest Neornithean?

On Tue, 9 Nov 1999, Timothy Williams wrote:

> T. Mike Keesey wrote:
> >I have _Ambiortus_ as an ambiortimorph (Ambiortimorphae being the
> >proximate outgroup to Neornithes -- include Ichthyornithiformes) and
> >_Gansus_ as a non-ornithuran euornithean (placement questionable).
> There was apparently a paper given at the Ostrom Symposium which put the 
> _Ichthyornis_ among the Neornithes.  Not just in the Carinatae, Euornithes, 
> Ornithurae, Metornithes etc but as bona fide Neornithes (clade including 
> modern birds).  Perhaps when the Proceedings are published more will be 
> revealed.

I heard about that, but remain skeptical.

Anyone know the first non-controversial neornithean? Was it the Antarctic

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