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SVP, etc.

Finally back from Mexico (where Rene Hernandez gave me a sneak preview of
things to come next year and showed me the biggest new Hadrosaur remains
I've ever seen... the head of the femur and a metatarsal are as big as
Apatosaurus... no kidding). He told me that the rest of the animal is
awaiting excavation in Coahuila... maybe we'll all be helping to get it out
in Mexico next October?

Thanks everybody for a fantastic SVP meeting. Truly inspirational
encounters with The Dinosaur List Members and a morning with Dan Chure,
Alan Gishlick and a Deinonychus hand... what else can we ask from life?

Not only Triceratops killed Kenny... but almost did Longisquama too... you

I'll leave coherence for after the jet-lag... I'd appreciate any
information I might have missed in these weeks... thank you! See you all in
Mexico (or in Florida, I hope).

Luis Rey

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