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Forward on the Barlow Collection sale...

In a message dated 11/7/99 3:24:20 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
sinico@nbnet.nb.ca writes:

<< Can anyone with first hand knowledge tell me (off list) or speculate (even
 more off list) why this prestigious collection would be offered for sale so
 quickly after having been documented in a (rather expensive) book? >>

There are many misconceptions about Barlow. Here are some facts:
1. The book was published over 3 years ago.
2. He did not make much money on the book.
3. The collection has been available for sale for many years.
4. He wanted to sell it to a collector to keep it intact.
5. No collector would pay his price (around 7 million).
6. Barlow was a "wannabe" dealer and had much commercial grade material.

John Betts