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At SVP I was lucky enough to find and buy a copy of Dougal Dixon's
1988 _The New Dinosaurs_, a book with some very interesting ideas
regardless of your opinion on the feasibility of the creatures Dougal
created. Of course, Dougal himself was present at SVP (I wonder if
there are any vert. palaeo. conferences he *doesn't* attend:)) and he
kindly offered to sign the copy for me. In what I interpret as a
remarkable instance of serendipity, my copy, however, had already
been signed by Dougal in its previous incarnation as someone else's
property. The odds of a signed copy meeting up at an American
conference with the man who signed it might be very small; OTOH,
Dougal may sign an awful lot of his books.<<

I too enjoyed _New Dinosaurs_, although I think Dougal Dixon should definatly 
gotten better artists (just think what could have happened if Greg Paul and he 
teamed up!!)  the pictures do the text _no_ credit.

However, a Dougal Dixon work that is better in every way and that I _heartily_
recommend is _After Man_  this book (recently republished in paperback) is a
wonderfull work and great fun.  Buy it, right NOW!