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Dinosauricon Grand Re-Opening (again)

The DINOSAURICON is back on-line! This is a completely re-done version,
and there is much still to be re-done (many missing pages), but it does
offer these features:

-- GENUS INDEX with over 1,000 genera (over 700 with their own pages)
-- TAXON INDEX listing the pages of 59 taxa and a full cladogram of
-- ART GALLERY with new images (over 500 in all) and new artists (28 in
-- AGES OF THE MESOZOIC detailing every age from the Induan to the
-- PALEO-MAPS showing the dance of the continents

Enjoy, saurophiles!

--T. Michael Keesey
tkeese1@gl.umbc.edu | THE DINOSAURICON: http://dinosaur.umbc.edu/
AOL IM:  Ric Blayze | WORLDS:    http://www.gl.umbc.edu/~tkeese1/