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Re: Therizinosauroids (was Re: Giant Birds)

>Is Cheirostenotes considered a real oviraptorosaur?

Yes.  All definitions of Oviraptorosauria that I know of (all closer to
Oviraptor than Neornithes (Sereno 1999) or all descendants of the MRCA of
Oviraptor and Chirostenotes) would include Chirostenotes and other
caenagnathids.  Sues (1997) wrote an article for JVP based on new remains
that securely places oviraptorids and caenagnathids as sister groups.

>Has it ever been included in a cladistic analysis with Caudipteryx. I was
just wondering if removing it from an analysis causes the therizinossaurs to
part ways with the ovis?

Sereno (1999) includes both and finds Caudipteryx to be basal to
caenagnathids and oviraptorids.  Therizinosaurs are closer to ornithomimids
and alvarezsaurids in this analysis however.  Tom Holtz also has both in his
new analyses, but Caudipteryx had an uncertain position within Maniraptora
if I remember correctly.  In my latest analysis, therizinosaurs are actually
closer to ovi's than Caudipteryx is, but my work is far from complete.

>Also does any one still believe that Shuvosaurus has any dinosaurian
affinities. May be in the early Triassic there was re-enactment of the early
cretaceous events of parallel bird like trends ?

Oliver Rauhut places Shuvosaurus as a derived coelophysoid based on
braincase characters.

Mickey Mortimer