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New Saharan Sauropod: Today at National Geographic!

For those interested in the new sauropod discoveries by Sereno et al., there
will be a press conference today at 1 pm at National Geographic Explorers
Hall.  Information and a Webcast of the event can be found at:

>From the webpage:
"WASHINGTON?A new dinosaur species from the Sahara that stood 15 feet (4.6
meters) at the hip will be introduced by famed paleontologist Paul Sereno at
a news conference on November 11 at 1 p.m. ET. He will unveil spectacular
life-size casts of adult and juvenile specimens and discuss his two-year
endeavor to bring them to light. Remarkable for their size, the finds also
help write a key chapter in African dinosaur history.

"The new species is described in the November 12, 1999, issue of Science

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