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Re: Two open letters from Storrs Olson

Dinogeorge wrote:


excluded from formal zoological nomenclature under
ICZN 1985 Article 1(b) paragraph (6), which reads, "[Excluded from the
provisions of the Code are names proposed...] (6) as means of temporary
reference and not for formal taxonomic use as scientific names in zoological

I'm curious about the entire naming procedure. Nat'l Geographic, while a wonderful magazine, is not a scientific peer reviewed journal. I recently had a university course on scientific writing and we were not allowed to cite any mags or "journals" that are not peer reviewed. Perhaps I assumed incorrectly, but it made me believe that one could publish whatever one wanted in magazines such as N.G., but what was said didn't necessarily stick as the articles are not usually written by the scientists. From what I've read lately, it sounds like anyone could publish something in the National Enquirer and the name would have to be used. That just doesn't seem right.

Basically I'm asking about the rules on this (without taking up too much of your time George!). It's all rather unclear to me. Any clarification would be welcome.



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