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T.rex Illium

Subject: T.rex Illium                                        3:43 PM    

  On T. rex's illium there is a large "crest" that divides the bone 
dorso-ventrally about at the half way point.  Is there any idea as to what 
muscle or muscle group would attach to it?  Would it mean that the 
illiofemoralis (or similar muscle, different name) be located anterior to 
this "crest" or could it overlap it?.  If it did lay in front of it, than 
there would be ample room for the bicept femoris/semiten./semimembran. group 
to attach behind it, which to me at least, is an unusually large face to 
attach mucles that usually need less space for thier origin.   The 
'crest'just seems to signifigant to dismiss as  far as an attachment area.
  Perhaps it added structural support to the illium.  I knew I should have 
looked closer at my chicken lunch today before I devoured it!   Any ideas or 
refs out there?  
  David Krentz