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Fw: On the "Animation of the foot order of a preserved sauropod trackway"...

Today I attended the news conference at National Geographic's Explorers
Hall, and it was a pleasure to see (via fine quality casts  and accurate
coloration) two of the most well-preserved sauropod skeletons I ever hope to

    I, also, however visited the Jobaria site and was astonished at the
animation of a sauropod trackway.  Actually, the TRACKS are CORRECT, it is
just the sequence which is BACKWARD, as explained, below, in excerpts from
the letter I sent the site's web master:

----- Original Message -----
From: Ray Stanford <starsong@prodigy.net>
To: <webmaster@projectexploration.org>

Subject: On the "Animation of the foot order of a preserved sauropod

Unfortunately, the animation of the sauropod trackway sequences COMPLETELY

    The trackway represented is derived from the Briar site in Arkansas,
with which I am very familiar.  J. Nugent or someone advising him simply
made a mistake or mis-interpretation of the way the trackway should

    Please reverse the animation direction...

    In case you do not believe this,  please refer to DINOSAUR TRACKS AND
TRACES (Gillette and Lockley, Cambridge U. Press, 1989), page 328, Figure
34.19, as well as a photo of that trackway on the facing page (329).  You
will see that I am correct in this.  Please ask Nugent to just reverse the
sequence and it will be correct.  I would also advise adding, "After Pittman
and Gillette".

    This mistake probably would not have happened had a Paluxy River (Texas)
sauropod trackway been used as a model, such as that illustrated on page
374 [of the same book], Figure 42.3, in Farlow, Pittman, and Hawthorne's
excellent article on
Brontopodus birdi.

    Ray Stanford