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Re: Fw: On the "Animation of the foot order of a preserved sauropod trackway"...

In a message dated 11/11/99 9:06:26 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
starsong@prodigy.net writes:

<<  I, also, however visited the Jobaria site and was astonished at the
 animation of a sauropod trackway.  Actually, the TRACKS are CORRECT, it is
 just the sequence which is BACKWARD, as explained, below, in excerpts from
 the letter I sent the site's web master:
  No, I'm sorry Ray. The manus prints are going one way and the pes prints 
are heading 180 degrees in the other direction in the animation. The big claw 
print from he first ungual of the pes is clearly shown to be on the outside 
of the pes on at least three of the illustrated ichnites. Will someone please 
back me up on this? Dan Varner.