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RE: Dinosaur Genera List corrections #118

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> In a message dated 11/11/99 5:24:58 PM Pacific Standard Time,
> Dinogeorge@aol.com writes:
> > Jobaria (named after the Tuareg mythical creature "Jobar") is
> described as
> a
> >  primitive camarasaurid-like macronarian with a short neck of
> 12 cervicals
> > and broad teeth, known from a number of individuals.
> So it's back to being a camarasaurlike macronarian?  As Tom noted
> earlier,
> Jeff Wilson indicated last month that this animal fell just outside
> Neosauropoda.

No, it is not a macronarian, at least according to the paper.  It still
falls out as the sister taxon to Neosauropoda.

The general "camarasaur" like skull seems to be the basic sauropod
condition, found in basalmost forms (_Shunosaurus_),
euhelopodid/mamenchisaurids (_Omeisaurus_, _Euhelopus_: like Dinogeorge, I
wouldn't be surprised if Euhelopodidae really does contain _Omeisaurus_,
_Euhelopus_, and _Mamenchisaurus_), _Jobaria_, and basal macronarians (i.e.,

The weird skulls are all in the diplodocoids and the titanosauriforms.

> The skull does look rather reminiscent of _Camarasaurus_ (though,
> for those
> of you who haven't seen it, it has a hugely long, thin, sloping
> nasal spar--a
> most interesting-looking animal).  _Jobaria_, it sounds like, is
> definitely
> in need of a lengthy monograph.  95% complete!  Can you believe it?

I think the "lengthy monograph" in question might be Wilson's
dissertation...  Let's hope he gets to publish it in an appropriate forum
(like, say, Memoirs of the SVP)

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