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Re: Fw: On the"Animation of the foot order of a preserved sauropod trackway"...


    In your response (See below.) to what I reported (See my whole posting
of 11-12-99, 12:09 AM.), your well-meaning attempt to 'correct' me is,
itself, in error.

    To quote Dr. Tom Holtz, Jr., "Read the... paper!"

    Had you pursued the illustration pointed out in the referenced paper,
you would know I am correct.

    Yes, Dan, as shown on the website (even ignoring the backward
animation), I will AGREE WITH YOU that what you notice with your sharp
artist's eye SEEMS (but only SEEMS) correct, and it is to your credit that
you noticed there is a problem with what the site shows.  But, your actual
problem may be in tending to examine the trackway shown as if it were a much
more easy-to-read Paluxy trackway.

    You see, the Briar site trackways, while having some  very nicely-formed
sauropod tracks at places, usually display pes imprints wherein both the
metatarsals and the digits seem rotated (upon an axis approximately beneath
the animal's leg) away from the central line (something that seems to
possibly increase with the weight of the individual), while the MANUS
impressions tend not to look much like the typical Paluxy manus impressions,
trending more toward the shape of a short, wide (relative to its length) and
BIFURCATED (at its base) arrow head, with the point forward.

    Don't feel badly about defending your misunderstanding of the trackway,
because when I first saw that one on the web-site I THOUGHT VERY MUCH AS YOU
DID, even though I work with sauropod tracks regularly. But, I then
recognized the illustration's source, went to the reference given, and found
out what is wrong is only in the direction of procession in the animation.
Please go to the book and reference, and you will agree with what I've said.

    If the referenced article is not accessible to you, Dan, just let me
know, and I will send you a copy of the one illustration (with caption) for
your personal file.

    Best Wishes,

    Ray Stanford

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<<  I, also, however visited the Jobaria site and was astonished at the
 animation of a sauropod trackway.  Actually, the TRACKS are CORRECT, it is
 just the sequence which is BACKWARD, as explained, below, in excerpts from
 the letter I sent the site's web master:
  No, I'm sorry Ray. The manus prints are going one way and the pes prints
are heading 180 degrees in the other direction in the animation. The big
print from he first ungual of the pes is clearly shown to be on the outside
of the pes on at least three of the illustrated ichnites. Will someone
back me up on this? Dan Varner.