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RE: Camarasaurs (was Re: Dinosaur Genera List corrections #118)

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> > The general "camarasaur" like skull seems to be the basic sauropod
> >  condition, found in basalmost forms (_Shunosaurus_),
> >  euhelopodid/mamenchisaurids (_Omeisaurus_, _Euhelopus_: like
> Dinogeorge, I
> >  wouldn't be surprised if Euhelopodidae really does contain
> _Omeisaurus_,
> >  _Euhelopus_, and _Mamenchisaurus_), _Jobaria_, and basal macronarians
> (i.e.,
> >  _Camarasaurus_).
> Argh.  So is there still an actual Camarasauridae, or has
> Macronaria simply
> turned into a bunch of serial outgroups to _Saltasaurus_?? :-S

Insofar as there being a "Camarasauridae" comprised of _Camarasaurus_ and
something else, supported by synapomorphies in a phylogenetic analysis: no,
no one has ever recovered such a taxon in any published study.

"Camarasauridae" sensu McIntosh (in The Dinosauria) is almost certainly
paraphyletic: _Euhelopus_ is EITHER part of a greater Euhelopodidae with
_Omeisaurus_ and _Mamenchisaurus_ OR the sister taxon to the titanosaurs and
_Opithocoelicaudia_ is a titanosaur; _Aragosaurus_, _Tienshanosaurus_, and
_Chondrosteosaurus_ have not been subjected to phylogenetic analysis, so
theoretically one or more of these might yet turn out to be closer to
_Camarasaurus_ than to any other dinosaur.

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