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Don't forget about Sunday's NG Explorer

Carrie Regan, who works for National Geographic Television, wrote to
Mary and me about the upcoming TV show about _Jobaria tiguidensis_.
There isn't much here that hasn't already been written to the list
over the past few days, but since it contains some additional
information about what will be on the show, and since I suspect some
of you will appreciate being reminded that the show will air, I'm
passing it along:

  Nov. 14th National Geographic EXPLORER Features Discovery of New
  Species of Dinosaur

  I'm sure most of you have heard about Paul Sereno's latest find: a
  new species of dinosaur, plucked from the depths of the Sahara.
  It's an incredible find, an incredible animal.

  What you might not know is that National Geographic Explorer is
  featuring the full story of the find in their November 14th show
  (It's on Sunday at 8PM & 11 PM EST on CNBC).

  Sereno's team labored in 120 degree temperatures, hauling tons of
  bone and rock from the ground in Niger.  It's taken two years for
  them to clean and study the bones, but the results make the wait
  worth while.  We have a replica of the 3-story beast in the
  courtyard here at the National Geographic headquarters, and it's
  simply awe-inspiring.  You can almost picture the 20-ton, 70-foot
  long creature coming to life.

  They found a full 95 percent of the creature, Jobaria tiguidensis,
  making it the most complete long-necked dinosaur ever discovered
  from the Cretaceous.

  The Geographic program also includes segments on the 'feathered'
  dinosaur find in China and Sue the T-Rex.  If you're into
  dinosaur's, this week's Explorer on CNBC is a must-see.

If you want to tell Carrie what you think about the show (preferably
after you've seen it :-) let me know and I'll either forward your
message or put you in touch with her.

Mickey Rowe     (rowe@psych.ucsb.edu)