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Re: Dinos in the Southern Hemisphere: Sereno et al. and the VII MesozoicTerrestrial Ecosystems Symposium

Ekaterina Amalitzkaya wrote-

>2 Quick questions: 1) What are the affinities of Lurdusaurus and what are
the available fossils of this saur.

It is supposed to be an iguanodont with affinities to Iguanodon (a large
thumb spike is present as in Iguanodon and Ouranosaurus).  Perhaps someone
with the paper could clarify it's exact placement within the rather chaotic
iguanodont tree.

holotype- (MNHN GDF 1700) (9 m long, 2.2 m high at hips) (5.5 tons) partial
skull (830 mm), nearly complete skeleton missing parts of pelvis and pes
(femur (910 mm), tibia (770 mm))

A rather poor name for a dinosaur- sounds much like a basal Archosaur. In
any case what is the available material of this beast- just the diagnostic
cervicals or something more.

cotypes- (IM K20/613) cervical vertebra (35 mm)
(IM K20/614) cervical vertebra
(IM K27/696) cervical vertebra
I'm not aware of any new material being described, but perhaps Novas and
Bandyopadhyay will have new information.

>Further has there been any progress on Dandakosaurus a supposed Abelisaur?

I haven't heard anything new.  Who first suggested abelisaurian relations to
this theropod?  For that matter, where was it described originally?  I have
no references to it  besides Gluts' encyclopedia that says Yadagiri stated
it is "a carnosaur with certain similarities to Sinosaurus triassicus".

Mickey Mortimer