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Re: Therizinosauroids (was Re: Giant Birds)

Ekaterina Amalitzkaya wrote-

>Has the scapulocoracoideal joint been preserved in Unenlagia ? What about
the Alverezsaurids? I thought it was open in them too. May be it was just a

The description of Unenlagia does not indicate whether or not the scapula
and coracoid were mobile (as opposed to being sutured together).  Forster et
al. (1998) code it as unknown.  As Archaeopteryx has the primitive condition
however, and every phylogeny I've seen (including all of my own studies)
places it higher up than Unenlagia, I doubt that the mobile joint was

Perle et al. (1994) state that the scapula and coracoid of Mononykus are
"firmly attached", as it appears to be in Patagonykus.  I'm not sure about
Alvarezsaurus and haven't seen any data on Shuvuuia.  In any case,
alvarezsaurids would also seem to exhibit the primitive condition.

Mickey Mortimer