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Elopteryx relationships

While reading the original description of Elopteryx nopscai (Andrews, 1913),
I noticed an odd anatomical feature.  There is a round fossa on the femoral
head pointing posteromedially.  This is refered to as the "pit for insertion
of the ligamentum teres".  I am not a bird expert, but after examining my
small collection of mesozoic avian literature, I noticed that Vorona also
has such a fossa, this time termed the capital ligament fossa.  Are these
one in the same?  Because if so, Forster et al. (1996) note that among
theropods, it is only present in enantiornithines and ornithurines.  This
would mean that Elopteryx is a bird after all and not a non-avian dinosaur
as has recently been claimed.

Mickey Mortimer