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Re: Jobaria and the Elephant Commit Suicide

>>    Yesterday at NGS, Paul Sereno pointed out that Jobaria probably could
not lift the neck very high from a standing position (deduced from the
structure of the very complete cervicals), so such a rearing-up maneuver
might well be the best defense for that all-important, highly fragile head.
Paul also pointed out the scull as being extremely light and fragile.<<

Here is a scenario that I like better than 'stomping' or 'looks'.  I can see why
sauropods would rear in that situation.  Also, and I just thought to this, if
they reared onto their hind legs for a moment, they could pivot and make a
sharper, more agile turn than they could otherwise, thereby avoiding a
predator's jaws.  Apparently, their fore-legs COULD stand the stresses when the
sauropods descended back onto them.  (however, I still have the mental picture
of the giant beast lifting its upper body majestically into the air, then
crashing down onto its forelegs and popping a shoulder), but I guess I am
thinking of large mammals (which have more weight near the forelimbs, being
derived from quadripedal ancestors) and not the bottom heavy, biped derived