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Re: Dinos in the Southern Hemisphere: Sereno et al. and the VII MesozoicTerre...

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<< Most likely, as Upchurch suggests 
 (in his recent JVP paper on nemegtosaurids), the partial mandible and 
 braincase come from two different sauropods.  Sereno et al provide a 
 possible identity for the mandible (rebbachisaurid).
 The hypodigm of _Antarctosaurus wichmannianus_ is problematic since the 
 postcranium too may be a chimera.  Huene had an irritating habit of pooling 
 unassociated material together into single taxa, and separating associated 
 material into different taxa.  _Laplatasaurus_ is problematic for much the 
 same reason. >>

This is indeed the case. Jack McIntosh told me about this problem many years 
ago, when I was looking at titanosaurids. Was one of the reasons I decided to 
avoid titanosaur taxonomy. Glad to see people are finally beginning to mess 
around with them.