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Re: Theories on the extinction of plants

seeds perhaps? how about worst case..the plant gets broken off and burnt
at ground level..plants can grow back from this  

heh plants have been cloning themselves for a long long time....

dbensen wrote:
> >>Yes,...poor choice of words. Most herbivores died off. Perhaps Condylarths
> consumed roots and tubers?<<
> This is not to punch holes in anybody's theories, I am generaly curious as to
> WhAT HAPPENED TO THE PLANTS?  Philip Bigelow's list of the plants (it's at
> Dinosauria Online)of Helly Creek  (right at the end of the K) show a striking
> resemblence to plants in similar environments today.  Amoung the plants are
> species of ficus, beech trees, tulip trees, sycamores, grapes (possibly),
> walnut trees, sweet gum, ginko, cinnamon trees, poplars, redwoods, apple trees
> (rosaceae), sequoia, cypress, elms, etc, etc, etc.  These are _large_ species,
> at least shrub size, and did not burrow.  How did they pull through?
> Dan

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