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Re: Jobaria and the Elephant...

Matt Bonnan wrote:

<When I said the crashing down of a sauropod gives me the willies, I 
meant that it stands an awful risk of breaking its bones>

I am a little confused by this.  As an example, when we (humans) perform a 
push up, we are using the contraction of the Triceps (primary), and upon 
descent from the apex of the maneuver we use the Triceps as a control 
mechanism for a smooth descent.  I don't know what the name to apply to this 
other than a controlled relaxation of the Triceps group.  I am not going to 
argue behavior on rearing for defense, I have a preference to functional 
morphology.  I will say this, yes it could raise up, from a functional stand 
point, the why is speculation at this point.  As for any sauropod with a 
structure capable of rearing, it would have a controlled decent, there is no 
compelling argument to suggest otherwise (the gravity doesn't change, and the 
acceleration of descent wouldn't overcome the control of a muscle group 
strong enough to raise it in the first place).  Thanks

D. Michael Lovelace

<science is like sex:  if you are not having fun you are not doing it right>