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Dinosaur TV Week

Here are some highlights of U.S. national programming
concerning dinosaurs (entinct and extant), other
prehistoric animals and evolution, from high art to
low trash and (hopefully) back again, all times
eastern (check local listings to confirm):

Wednesday, November 17

TLC, 7:00pm (rebroadcast 2:00am)
How'd They Do that?
Includes segment on movie dinosaurs.

Saturday, November 20

Discovery Channel, 4:00pm
When Pigs Ruled the World
MY e-TV guide describes this as a program about "the
Lystrosaur, a gentle, pig-like dinosaur."

CNBC, 8:00pm (rebroadcast 11:00pm)
National Geographic Explorer
"Dinosaurs Take Wing; Dinosaur Fever 2, Colossal
Birds are Dinosaurs; new sauropod; lifestyles of the
big and two-fingered.

Hey, dinosaurs are people too, you know,


"I've been ionized, but I'm okay now."

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