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Anyone have Nessov, 1995?

Does anyone know where I could get a copy of-
Nessov, 1995. Dinozavri severnoi Yevrasii: Novye dannye o sostave
kompleksov, ekologii i paleobiogeografii [Dinosaurs of Northern Eurasia: new
data about assemblages, ecology and paleobiogeography], Scientific Research
Institute of the Earth's Crust, St. Petersburg State University, St.
Petersburg, Russia: 156 pp. + 14 pl. [in Russian with short English, German,
and French abstracts].

Hopefully, someone has a translated version or knows how to order one.  I
would gladly pay a reasonable amount for photocopies of someone's translated
version.  E-mail me off-list.  Thanks to whoever writes me with information.

Mickey Mortimer