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Regarding a previous message of mine, that was sort of a screw-up with
e-mail addresses on my part- it was intended for a paleontologist who I'd
been corresponding with about a project on a couple unidentified scraps and
pieces of bone that had been collected some years back.  So it's not earth
shattering stuff, and it probably isn't even identifiable stuff, but it
wasn't (d'oh!) exactly supposed to be public, either.  Therefore you are
all now sworn to an arcane magical oath of secrecy, which- if violated-
will result in instant death (well, not really, but it can cause an
*extremely* annoying, persistent rash).
        Honestly, though, in case there does turn out to actually be
anything to it, I'd appreciate it if this wasn't considered public. And on
the off chance you haven't read my previous e-mail, please just delete it.


(...gyad...maybe I should get one of those WWII posters that shows a
helpless, accusatory soldier drowning in the cold Atlantic as his ship goes
down, bearing the caption "SOMEONE TALKED!", and stick it on my wall as a