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RE: When is the Senonian?

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> Mickey Mortimer
> Does anyone know when the Senonian is in relation to the Santonian,
> Campanian, Maastrichtian, etc. in the late Cretaceous?
> Mickey Mortimer
> The Senonian is a term from an alternative system of dividing up the
Cretaceous.  The formal divisions are the Early Cretaceous Epoch
(Valanginian to Albian) and Late Cretaceous Epoch(Cenomanian to
Maastrichtian). An alternative proposal includes three "Sub-periods" rather
than two Epochs: the Neocomian (Valanginian to Barremian), the Gallic
(Aptian to Cenomanian), and the Senonian (Turonian to Maastrichtian).  The
latter divisions are a bit more equal than the Early K/Late K divisions.

So, in answer to your question, the Senonian CONTAINS the Santonian,
Campanian, Maastrichtian, etc.

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