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What are these dinosaurs?

While perusing the Dinosauricon, I noticed a few names that are apparently
nomina nuda and very old.  What's the deal with-

Proiguanodon van der Broek, 1900
Protrachodon Nopsca 1923
Tyreophorus Huene 1929

Also, does anyone know if the following are prosauropods or sauropods-

Dachongosaurus Chao 1985
Damalasaurus magnus/laticollis Chao 1986
Lancanjiangosaurus Chao 1983
Megacervixosaurus Chao 1983
Microdontosaurus Chao 1983

Perhaps someone has seen a skeleton in a Chinese museum (I know they are
fond of doing this before the specimen is described) or heard something
about what exactly they are based on, where/when they are from and what they
appear to be.

Mickey Mortimer