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RE: tyrannosaurid ancestry, raptors and other fun things...

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> T. Mike Keesey
> > Mike ,
> > What is the oldest , unambiguous tyrannosauroid found to date ? My
> > references are not clear on this issue . Thanks in advance .
> Seeing as all the non-tyrannosaurid tyrannosauroids are ambiguous, that
> would have to be _Alectrosaurus_, from the Turonian(?).

Well, _Alectrosaurus_ is the oldest NAMED tyrannosaurid.

However, Cenomanian-aged tyrannosaurid teeth are known from the Mussentuchit
Member of the Cedar Mountain Formation, and from Aptian-Albian deposits of
Japan.  These show definite tyrannosaurid characters, unlike some of the
semi-tyrannosauriform teeth (e.g., the Gumiarota teeth) which occur earlier.

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