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Re: Theories on the extinction of dinosaurs

Stanley Friesen wrote:

> At 08:10 AM 11/12/99 -0800, James R. Cunningham wrote:
> >rate of change.  The Deccan traps appear to have been several million years
> older
> >than the impact
> More precisely, the *beginning* of the Deccan volcanism is securely placed
> about half a million to a million years prior to the impact.  The *end* of
> the Deccan volcanism was a similar period *after* the impact.  (The impact
> was probably about two thirds of the way through the time of the Deccan
> emplacement).

Thanks for the updated info.  This doesn't change my conclusion that the impact
didn't cause the volcanism, based on the observation that the volcanism started
before the impact.

> This is rather conclusive.
> >, and I also doubt the accuracy of the amber measurements,...
> So do I.  I am particularly skeptical of a oxygen level close to
> spontaneous combustion levels for organics!

Me too, though if it did get to 35%, it was about there.  I once facetiously
threw out the comment that the following oxygen decline approximately
matched the
timing of the formation of the massive coal deposits, thereby implying that it
was due to spontaneous combustion, but I don't actually believe that.