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Re: Afrovenator pronunciation

he used the knee-JAIR-ah-saur-us throughout the Nat Geo explorer
DINOSAUR show too.


bh480@scn.org wrote:
> Paul Sereno was on Science Friday on NPR last week
> (11/12/99) and pronounced Nigersaurus nee-zhayr-SAWR-us,
> using the French pronunciation nee-ZHAYR for Niger rather
> than the anglicized NIE-juhr. In this case, Ill use
> Pauls version when I do a posting in the dinosaur-name
> pronunciation guide for Dinosauria On-linemany English
> speakers use the French version, which reflects the local
> pronunciation in the country itself (a former French
> territory). But NIE-juhr-SAWR-us would be OK as well.

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