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RE: What are these dinosaurs?

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> << Tyreophorus Huene 1929>>
> This is a misspelling of Thyreophora that became a nomen nudum genus in
> Huene's monograph on South American dinosaurs. I think he
> intended to refer
> some indeterminate ankylosaurian material to Thyreophora incertae
> sedis, and
> that's how it came out in published form. Perhaps a problem in
> translating
> the monograph into Spanish. Huene also acquired the genera
> Carnosaurus and
> Coelurosaurus in ths paper the same way: indeterminate large theropod
> material referred to Carnosauria incertae sedis and small
> theropod material
> referred to Coelurosauria incertae sedis.

I wonder if Huene's 1926 name Ornithomimidorum is the same type of
transformation (i.e., a higher level taxon temporarily transformed into a
genus-like word to label a fragmentary specimen).

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