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RE: Brachiosaur defences

Shear size and mass can be a weapon in itself.  Many "large" modern animals
their mass as a weapon.  My son-in-law lived in Kenya as a youth and he has
described elephants, rhinos, and hippos slamming their mass into an enemy.
Not to say that modern mammals are necessarily a good model, but
were much, much larger than any of these extant land animals.  Simply
Newton's Second Law in practical use.


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        Is there any evidence of how Brachiosaurids and other shorter tailed

        sauropods defended themselves from prey? Was it size alone? Could
they rear 
        up simmmilarily to Jobaria?, or without the long tail to help
balance would 
        it be impossible? Because their heads are presumed to be so high up
        would they not need to rear if that was how other sauropods
protected their 

        Just curious,
        Jessica W.

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