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Re: What are these dinosaurs?

On Tue, 16 Nov 1999 16:27:19 -0500 "T. Mike Keesey" <tkeese1@gl.umbc.edu>

> While on the subject, anyone know about the status of these names?:
> Hadrosauravus
> Hunhosaurus
   Dinosaur Genera List corrections #28 Nov. 1995 details that this is a
misspelling of "Honghesaurus", and that both were early, unofficial names
for *Yandusaurus hongheensis*.

> Luanpingosaurus
    Dinosaur Genera List corrections #77 Aug. 1997 says this name was
found in a faunal list with no further classification than dinosaurian,
so Dinosauria i.s. is a good place for it.

> Macroscelosaurus
   The ever-ready *Dinosaurs-The Encyclopedia* considers this form to be

> Qinlingosaurus
   *Qinlingosaurus* and *Shanyangosaurus* were briefly mentioned in the
Dinosaur Genera List corrections #65, Dec. 1996.  *Qinlingosaurus* is a
sauropod of some sort, and *Shanyangosaurus* is apparently a small
theropod with possible unicate processes.

> Sanchusaurus
    "Sanchusaurus" is an informally named large Japanese ornithomimid
based on a partial caudal vert.  Dong, Hasegawa, and Azuma 1990 refer to
it as *Gallimimus* sp. in *The Age of Dinosaurs in Japan and China*.

> Shanyangosaurus
   See *Qinlingosaurus*
> I have them all listed as Dinosauria _incertae sedis_.
> --T. Michael Keesey
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