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RE: Afrovenator pronunciation

Ben Creisler wrote:

<Paul Sereno was on Science Friday on NPR last week
(11/12/99) and pronounced Nigersaurus
nee-zhayr-SAWR-us, using the French pronunciation
nee-ZHAYR for Niger rather than the anglicized
NIE-juhr. In this case, I?ll use Paul?s version when I
do a posting in the dinosaur-name pronunciation guide
for Dinosauria On-line?many English speakers use the
French version, which reflects the local pronunciation
in the country itself (a former French territory). But
NIE-juhr-SAWR-us would be OK as well.>

  I like *NeezhayrSAWRus* just fine. However,
*Jobaria* is different, because it has not Latin root.
Wilson and Sereno both say "JOH-bar," while the
narrator says "joh-BAHR-ee-ah": so would
"JOH-bahr-ee-ah" be close or do I say as the
nayrRAYtor says?

Jaime "James" A. Headden

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