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What are these dinosaurs? 2: Return of What are these dinosaurs?

Thanks for all the help on the first bunch of nomina nuda.  A few more
dinosaurs of some sort to question about.

What exactly is "Aniksosaurus"?

Is there any real reference to the large late Cretaceous theropod known from
a caudal vertebrae and fragmentary ribs called "Dinosaurus" in the Dinosaur
Society Dinosaur Encyclopedia?  As far as I know, Dinosaurus is just a
junior synonym of Plateosaurus.

Macelognathus Marsh 1884
Nectosaurus Versluys, 1910/ Merriam, 1905
These appear on the Dinodata website.  What are they?

I'd never heard of Meniscoessus caperatus (Marsh 1889) (also on Dinodata).
Apparently has something to do with Tripriodon caperatus, which I believe is
a synonym of Paronychodon lacustris.  Who came up with the name

What's the story behind Ponerosteus?  On Dinodata, it is said to have
something to do with Procerosaurus/Iguanodon exogirarum.

Mickey Mortimer