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Re: Afrovenator pronunciation

In a message dated 11/16/99 2:20:59 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
qilongia@yahoo.com writes:

> I like *NeezhayrSAWRus* just fine. However,
>  *Jobaria* is different, because it has not Latin root.

No, but adding the ending -ia to it makes it a Latinate word, subject to 
Latin accent rules.  The -i- in -ia is always short, because it immediately 
precedes another vowel.  So the accent of any name ending in -ia will be on 
the third-to-last (antepenultimate) syllable.

>  Wilson and Sereno both say "JOH-bar," while the
>  narrator says "joh-BAHR-ee-ah": so would
>  "JOH-bahr-ee-ah" be close

This accent pattern is impossible in Latin (either the third-to-last or the 
second-to-last syllable *must* carry an accent).  Sereno himself says 

--Nick P.