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Re: Afrovenator pronunciation

From: Dinogeorge@aol.com
> In a message dated 11/16/99 3:28:53 PM EST, LOKICORP@compuserve.com
> << Should not the manner in which the person who actually named
>  it be the "official" pronunciation (or, at least, as close as one can
>  to the language and accent of the name and the namer)? >>
> Absolutely agree with this, and I know that Ben Creisler has gone to great
> lengths to determine original authors' pronunciations of recently formed
> dinosaur names.

While the basic idea is sound, I would not like to have to understand an
Icelandic paleontologist speaking in English discussing his find of
Aleaactaesttherium Sigurdjorsalfari. I had enough trouble switching from
'Suh-LOW-fih-sis' to 'Sy-low-FY-sis' in the first Walking with Dinosaurs
episode. Might be a better idea to agree on some pronunciation rules for
Latin & Greek (there must be some ideas around). Clarity should take
precedence over altruism, methinks.