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how to surive and prosper after Armageddon

nicholas roy longrich <nrlongri@midway.uchicago.edu> posted to the DINOSAUR

I imagine if you could go back and talk to one of the little Mesozoic
furballs, with it's frost-covered, singed fur, starving in a perpetual
twilight broken only by cold, starless nights, it would squeak at you:
"Scot free? We got away scot free? ..."

Hmm, got me thinking here -- (probably along lines many others have
travelled before ...) (and aren't we talking about *Cenozoic* furballs, by

-- "Why did mammals and (modern-style) birds survive, while dinos went
extinct?" --

After a K-T Armageddon, the land biomes consist largely of decaying plants
and sprouting new ones. 
If *any* land animals are going to survive, it'll be  a) insects, and b)

Suppose we say, "to a first approximation, the land tetrapods which
survived were the *insectivores*?"

-- Q.E.D.

-- Jeffrey Willson <jwillson@harper.cc.il.us>