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Re: What are these dinosaurs? 2: Return of What are these dinosaurs?

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<< Is there any real reference to the large late Cretaceous theropod known 
 a caudal vertebrae and fragmentary ribs called "Dinosaurus" in the Dinosaur
 Society Dinosaur Encyclopedia?  As far as I know, Dinosaurus is just a
 junior synonym of Plateosaurus. >>

Dinosaurus is not a late Cretaceous theropod (great Scott--yet another error 
in that book) but a large Late Triassic prosauropod presently referred to the 
genus Plateosaurus as Plateosaurus ingens. It started out as Dinosaurus 
gresslyi Ruetimeyer, 1856, but this name was changed to Gresslyosaurus ingens 
by Ruetimeyer in 1857 when he learned that Dinosaurus was preoccupied by the 
therapsid genus (should have called it Gresslyosaurus gresslyi, by the way, 
preserving the orginal species epithet). Other species have been synonmized 
with this species as well.