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Re: Unified Cladistics

is this possible perhaps with extant animals (if not fossil species) in
some foreseeable future?


"Norton, Patrick" wrote:
> > I assumed fixing the parts of a cladogram that change with every user
> > (the character data) by making a global data set of the
> > characters that
> > describes each species would give us reproduceable results no
> > matter who
> > tests the shape of the tree (cladistics).  I thought that was the
> > point.
> Such a cladogram would require perfect knowledge, which we will never
> have on any subject.  that all the information about all known I think
> this is an unreachable goal, since the evidence upon which the characters
> are derived (fossils) is constantly increasing.  , not perfectly
> distributed among all researchers basedunderstand it, characters in a
> cladogram

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