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Chinese dinosaur species

Keith Rigby recently engaged me to compile a little list of Chinese nonavian 
dinosaur species for him, and now that I've done so and have this document 
spinning around on my hard disk, it occurred to me that other people might be 
interested in having it. I don't think Keith would mind if I offered to email 
a free copy to anyone who wants one.

The file is in WordPerfect 6.1, which any good word processor should be able 
to convert to one's favorite format if one doesn't happen to have WP. It is 
18 printed pages long as typeset (typography is important, since validity of 
names is keyed with boldface type) and has a few weird characters that may 
not be in everyone's character sets. It is merely an annotated alphabetized 
checklist of published dinosaur species known from China, Indochina, 
Thailand, Korea, Japan, Mongolia, and eastern Russian republics (with my own 
spin on some of the names), all spelled correctly (checked against original 
published papers: if, in a book on Chinese dinosaurs for example, you come 
across a name spelled differently from what's in the list, it's almost 
certainly a misspelling). Locality, stratigraphy, and systematics data 
>aren't< included, but I'm thinking of adding such information later (as time 
permits: it would lengthen the list considerably, even in fine print).

Please respond to me by private email, off list. I'm always interested in 
additions and corrections, of course.