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Re: What are these dinosaurs? 2: Return of What are these dinosaurs?

christian farrell kammerer wrote:

> Dinosaurus is not just a junior synonym of Plateosaurus, it is actually a
> therapsid (named by Fischer de Waldheim, 1847 for Rhopalodon murchisoni,
> Fischer de Waldheim, 1845). The dinosaurian "Dinosaurus" is thus
> preoccupied by the therapsid, so it can never be used for a dinosaur
> anyway. Both Dinosaurusare very, very deep within the realm of nomen
dubium (although recently
> at least one therapsid worker has lumped Phthinosuchus in under Dinosaurus
> [eep!]), and the best course is to forget this name completely.
If dinosaurus is a therapsid and therefore does not fall within the clade
for dinosauria, should not the name (heaven forbid!) "Dinosauria" be changed
under current naming rules?

Sam Barnett