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Re: The Grand Tree of Life (was RE: Unified Cladistics)

generate more accurate pictures of the Tree of Life, just as an H-R diagram
of star size vs. star luminosity is more effectively generated using
hundreds of stars rather than a dozen.

The H-R diagram is a beautiful analogy but perhaps it would be a more appropriate analog for the ulimate classification of protein domains found in proteins encoded in all genomes. The development regulatory proteins of Carnotaurus and ours with the exception of some zinc finger domain families may be nearly identical yet we see a difference. Thus even as amidst the countless G-type main sequence stars the sun subtly differ from Tau Ceti why do we differ from Carnotaurus or Sharovipteryx.

This apart there are 2 reasons why a final tree of life can never be achieved but if we know that demography of protein domains we may know if we can ever generate a usefully accurate approximation of the Web of life.

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