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RE: Theories on the extinction of dinosaurs


> I'm trying to assemble some meaningful description of the interactions 
> among these observed (in the fossil record) events. Crudely, the 
> body strikes the Yucatan, a concussion travels through the Earth and 
> half a globe away the Deccan eruptions begin.
<I am given to believe that the Deccan Traps erruptions occured before the
extraterrestrial impact, several 100's of 1,000's of years before. There is
no connection between the two. However I agree that the conbined effect
would be less than convivial!>
>  The combined effects 
> of these two on the atmosphere change its chemistry to something 
> higher in oxygen.
> That's a very crude, inaccurate oversimplification; I know. But is 
> it possible that there is some additional element which, when added 
> to this mix makes the extinction event seem downright likely? What 
> kind of element would that be? In other words, what is the general 
> outline of the missing jigsaw puzzle piece(s)? Is that/are those 
> the "smoking gun?"
> On another note, what are the other changes noticed in the amber studies?
<There is an URL about the results of the Amber studies, I will look for it
and postit here.>

>  Thanks,
>  Joe