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RE: Theories on the extinction of dinosaurs

        >Actually, we don't need a precise timing; all we need is to note
that >below K-T boundary clay there are plentiful dinosaur fossils, and
above K->T boundary clay there are only reworked dinosaur fossils if any.
This is >what is found everywhere in the world so far, and it strongly
suggests the 
        >boundary clay had something to do with dinosaur extinction.
Boundary >clay does have a pretty secure date (64.9-65.0 Ma or thereabouts)
>everywhere that it has been dated.

< This is a rather over simplified deduction. Could it not be that the KT
clay layer depicts the final nail in the dinos coffin? >

        >Asteroid impact theory of dinosaur extinction could be falsified by
        >decent dinosaurian fauna from above the boundary clay, but despite
>rumors such has not yet been found.

<Excuse me, but I could point out a member of the dinosaurian order to you
today. Just look out of the window. SItting on the ledge.... on the branch
of that tree over there...>

Tony Hedges